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Welcome to the LHSAA website.  This part of our website was designed to assist you by having important information and deadlines you need at your fingertips.  While we no longer send out an Administrators Checklist, all information found in that document can be found right here on the Administrators’ Page.

Important How-To's For Principals

Requesting an Official Eligibility Ruling

If a school has concerns about whether a student-athlete is eligible at his/her school, it can request an official written ruling from the Executive Director by submitting a letter detailing the student-athlete's situation, the school's principal must complete and submit an Eligibility Ruling Request form through the LHSAA Members' Only website; any applicable documentation requested on the Ruling Request form must then be faxed or emailed to the LHSAA office. From this, the Executive Director will issue a written ruling on the status of the student-athlete's eligibility. Under LHSAA rules:

  • Only a principal can request an official eligibility ruling.
  • Only written rulings from the Executive Director are official.  No verbal information given is official and binding.
  • Once a ruling on a student-athlete is requested, the student-athlete is ineligible until the official ruling is received by the school.

Having a Bona Fide Change of Residence Investigation Conducted

When a school would like the LHSAA office to send a representative to check if a student-athlete and his/her parents or guardian's change of residence is within the requirements of LHSAA rules, it would request a bona fide change of residence investigation.  To accomplish this, the school must complete and submit a Bona Change of Residence form through the LHSAA Members' Only website; any applicable documentation requested on the form must then be faxed or emailed to the LHSAA office.  When received, an LHSAA official will be assigned to the investigation, and he/she will then contact the school to set up the appropriate meetings to conduct the move check. Upon completion of the investigation, the Executive Director will issue a written ruling on the student-athlete's eligibility based on the findings of the move check.  Once again, only an LHSAA principal can request a bona fide change of residence investigation, and the student is ineligible until an official ruling is issued on the student-athlete's eligibility.

Pursuing a Hardship

If a student-athlete is found ineligible under the LHSAA's basic eligibility requirements, in certain circumstances, an LHSAA principal can request that a hardship be consider in the student-athlete's situation.  By LHSAA rules, a hardship condition only exists if the condition that caused the student-athlete not to meet the basic eligibility requirements is involuntary, unforeseen, uncorrectable, and creates a unique situation concerning the student-athlete's educational, emotional, or physical status that is beyond the control of the school, the school system, the student and/or his/her parents or guardian.

The proper protocol to follow if a school wishes to pursue a hardship in a student-athlete's situation is as follows:

  1. Principal submit letter and Eligibility Ruling Request form; indicate in letter that school wishes to pursue hardship
  2. Executive Director's office issues official written ruling and forwards a LHSAA Hardship Application for completion by the school.
  3. School returns original hardship application to the LHSAA office.  To be considered by the Hardship Committee, the application and documentation must be received AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the meeting date of the Hardship Committee.
  4. Executive Director reviews hardship and determines if he will waive the student-athlete's situation as a hardship; if not, the case is forwarded on for consideration by the LHSAA Hardship Committee at its next scheduled meeting.
  5. School is notified of date and time to appear before LHSAA Hardship Committee.
  6. Case is heard and Committee determines whether to grant a hardship in the student's situation.
  7. All decisions of the Hardship Committee are FINAL, and there are no appeals of its decisions.

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