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Reflections on the 2011 State Volleyball Championships

Posted: 11-15-2011 | Categories: Volleyball

They walked off the courts of the Pontchartrain Center sweat-soaked, crying…some uncontrollably, many wrapped in flesh colored bandages holding bags of ice to tender shoulders, knees and ankles. And these were the winners! The only thing separating them from their opponents was a dig here, a line call there, a service ace or a heroic save…and, of course, the elation that comes with victory or the ache that comes with defeat.

The 2011 State Volleyball Championships once again brought the best athletes from across the state to Kenner, La., for three days of fast-paced, furious, often nail-biting drama. For some in the often packed Convention Center-turned-gymnasium, it was old hat—almost comforting to see many of the same faces, same teams. For others, like Jamie Courtney of Prairieville, La., it was a first time experience that will likely lead to many more. He came with his son, a sophomore at St. Amant High school in Ascension Parish, to root on their hometown Gators.

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