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October Sportsman Of The Month

Posted: 09-29-2011 | Categories: LHSADA, LHSCA, Officials, Administrators, Parents & Students

Every month the LHSAA highlights individuals who go "Beyond the Game" in their communities by exemplifying the core values of sportsmanship. This month, we are excited to honor some of Louisiana's finest at Fontainebleau High School! Congratulations to Fontainebleau Principal, John Vitrano and Athletic Director Dan Conlin, October's LHSAA Sportsman of the month!

The following story was sent to the LHSAA by Brother Raymond Bulliard, Principal of St. Paul's High School...

"As coaches, we are the teachers of sportsmanship to our athletes. Sportsmanship must be learned. Therefore, sportsmanship must be taught! Coaches should teach their athletes to play with fairness, with courteousness, and gracefully accept the results at the end of the game. Coaches need to display these same characteristics so the athlete can demonstrate them properly and know that the coach means business about good sportsmanship."

I repeat the above quote about sportsmanship because I want to commend Athletic Director, Dan Conlin and Principal, John Vitrano of Fontainebleau for their wonderful gesture on behalf of a coach, we at St. Paul's hold dear. Mr. Vitrano and Mr. Conlin publicly acknowledged a rival coach during their jamboree, which I believe goes beyond regular sportsmanship and demonstrates exactly what is written in the quote above. St. Paul's community learned from this example and will seek to do the same when it is warranted.

I want to thank Athletic Director Dan Conlin, Principal John Vitrano, and the entire Fontainebleau community for their display of sportsmanship.


Brother Raymond Bulliard, F.S.C.
President / Principal, St. Paul's School

The LHSAA thanks St. Paul's High School and Fontainebleau High School for being a part of the Beyond the Game Sportsmanship Program, and for leading their communities with integrity and respect!


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