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LHSAA Compliance/Investigative Team Technology Summit

Posted: 08-11-2017 | Categories: LHSADA, Administrators

The LHSAA hosted a Technology Summit for the Compliance/Investigative Team on Thursday, Aug. 10.

Executive director, Mr. Eddie Bonine shared that these compliance officers are “integral to what we do...”

The team also “ensures that [LHSAA] member schools are doing what they are supposed to do…as it comes to forms, clearing some athletes to participate so that across our state, we have a consistency for eligibility rules that makes the athletes in all of our sports eligible.”

Mr. Bonine began the meeting by introducing new members of the LHSAA staff and then acquainted the compliance/investigative team to their new Samsung Galaxy tablets.

“We’re going to work smarter, versus harder,” Mr. Bonine shared.

The tablets “are a one stop shop” and have all the forms the officers will need such as reimbursement forms for mileage and meals.

The LHSAA has preprogrammed the tablets with an exclusive G-mail account related to its respective owner. These G-mails serve as a direct communication to the LHSAA office and the eligibility center. If an investigation needs to be conducted, the paperwork will be available immediately from the tablets. Officers will have the capability to work anywhere that has Wi-fi.

According to Mr. Bonine, “more than half of [the team] has asked for different forms of technology. Can we make the forms easier? We’ve done all that.”

“This is a positive move….we’re not looking to catch people doing things wrong. I’m a school administrator that was always about trying to catch people doing the right thing. I think that’s the direction we’re going to go and this technology will assist us in that,” Mr. Bonine added.

Team members’ responses to the new technology were overwhelmingly positive.

Linda Enkey said she was excited and that it was an “awesome” upgrade. “The tablets make it simpler…everything’s uniform,” she said.

“I like the idea of doing things immediately, especially if it’s extremely important…” Joey Pender shared.

James Simmons is confident that once he gets the hang of it, the tablets will “cut down time on reports.”

Dary Gleuck thinks the tablet are a “great tool for us,” as officers are on the road a lot.

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