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Football Gloves Standards Rule Begins in 2013

Posted: 02-12-2012 | Categories: Football, Coaches

A new NOCSAE standard for football gloves was adopted in 2010, and the NFHS Football Rules Committee determined that the new NOCSAE standard for football gloves would be mandated starting in 2012.

However, the Rules Review Committee recently held a hearing in which the National Sporting Goods Association and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association appealed that timeline, petitioning for a one-year delay. 

Following presentation of the information and considerable deliberation by the Rules Review Committee, it was determined that gloves meeting the new NOCSAE standard and those meeting the previous standard would both be deemed legal through 2012. Beginning in 2013, football gloves, if worn, would need to meet the new NOCSAE standard.

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