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Eligibility of Virtual School Students

Posted: 08-12-2011 | Categories: Administrators, Parents & Students

With BESE's approval of two virtual schools, Louisiana Connections Academy and Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, the eligibility of students who participate in this new type of education has been raised with the LHSAA and, in particular, if these students are eligible to participate at LHSAA member schools as home school students.  

Caroline Wood, the principal of Louisiana Connections Academy, states in her recent editorial, "Virtual public schooling is not homeschooling."   Both of these schools are recognized by the Louisiana State Department of Education as "charter" schools and not "home" schools.  Based on this, virtual schools do not meet the definitions and criteria outlined in R.S. 17:236.1, the state law regarding the eligibility of home schooled students, and therefore students attending virtual schools are not eligible at LHSAA member schools.  This is not an LHSAA regulation but a state law passed in the 2010 regular session of the legislature.  

Click HERE to read Ms. Wood's entire editorial

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