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Baden Introduces New QB1: Official LHSAA Football

Posted: 04-18-2013 | Categories: Football, Coaches

Football coaches can now find out how to incorporate the QB1 football into their programs.

According to Baden, the improvements below make the QB1 a great football.

  • Ultimate Tack: The new QB1 has leather produced with an innovative tanning process creating a tackier surface which leads to better grip and control when handling the ball.
  • Stripe-Stay Technology: This revolutionary application process leads to unmatched stripe retention, while maintaining a seamless surface on the new QB1.
  • High-Visibility Color: The new lighter color makes the new QB1 more visible at night under the lights.
  • Longer Lace: The softer lace extends further than any other football and puts the quarterback’s hand closer to the end of the new QB1 where it is easier to grip.

We already have the most optimum size and shape designed into our football, but when coupled with the QB1 improvements, we have created a ball that quarterbacks will love to throw, over and over again.

Not only is the QB1 the best football available for quarterbacks, we are introducing them with a promotion both AD’s and Coaches alike will definitely appreciate. From now until the football season kicks off this fall, Baden is offering an unprecedented buy 8 get 4 free introductory special on the new QB1 football. This offer provides true savings to the schools, in fact, they could save as much $375 by taking advantage of this offer.  Those savings will undoubtedly help stretch the school’s limited athletic budget. Saving money while getting a great ball sounds like a winner to me. 

Finally, it’s not limited to one buy 8 get 4 offer!  The more a school purchases, the more they save, buy 16, get 8, buy 24 get 12 and so on.

For more information, please view the attached flyer.

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