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2015 “Beyond the Game” Essay Contest Winner

Posted: 06-22-2015 | Categories: Administrators, Parents & Students

2015 “Beyond the Game” Essay Contest Winner

Congratulations to Benjamin Reaux of South Lafourche High School for winning our 2015 "Beyond the Game" Essay Contest. Benjamin will receive a $500 prize and will be recognized at the LHSCA Coaches Clinic in Baton Rouge in July.  The theme of this year's essay contest was based on "The thrill of victory lasts only a moment, the respect earned through good sportsmanship lasts for eternity". Here's an excerpt from Benjamin's essay:  "Success is far more than just the grade on the test, the numbers on the scoreboard, and the trophies collecting dust in the showcase. Success is what was learned from the class, the respect and friendship gained on and across the field, and the priceless memories created during each season. Sportsmanship derives from this paradigm of thought - that competitions are for the quality of experience, not the quantities of gains or plastic titles of qualifying distinction."

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