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2011 LHSAA State Swimming Championships Recap

Posted: 01-24-2012 | Categories: Swimming - Boys, Swimming - Girls, Parents & Students, Brackets & Results, Swimming

Swimmers compete on both the individual and team levels, like many other sports. Unlike other athletes…swimmers can drown. Perhaps in no other sport is breathing so important…how one breathes (left side or right side), when one breathes (every stroke, every other stroke, every six strokes) and if one breathes (when reaching for the wall); all help make the difference in the hundredths of a second that often separate winners from losers. This is why swimmers practice breathing, or rather, holding their breath. With such slim margins, sometimes you just don’t have time to breathe….

The 2011 LHSAA State Swimming Championships were once again hosted by an experienced crew at the SPAR center in Sulphur, La., Nov. 16-19. Allen Anderson, a supervisor and coach at SPAR, said more than 100 teams competed in the four-day meet. Four division championships and runner-up trophies were awarded to both boys’ and girls’ teams along with individual medals to the top three finishers in each of 11 different events. Anderson says even though Louisiana is a “football state,” it should not be embarrassed by its swimming accomplishments. He says he has 37 years of experience in high school swimming, and Louisiana ranks in the top tier for its program. “We have great coaches with great dedication to the sport….We’ll have some kids get scholarships to swim for some of the best colleges in America,” he adds.

For a recap of the 2011 LHSAA State Swimming Championships, visit the boys' swimming and girls' swimming sections of the website.

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