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School Media Credentials

The purpose of school media credentials is to give high school students an opportunity to capture an important memory from their high school experience and build their resume by helping illustrate their school media publications. Beginning with the 2018-19 schoolyear, school media credentials will only be given to applied and approved students/faculty of that particular school. School identification is required to be granted a school media credential. Contracted photographers/videographers will not be approved for school media credentials.

School media credential candidates must complete the same electronic credential application as the professional media, found on the LHSAA website under “Affiliations” > “Media Resources.” Please see the deadlines for each sport on the corresponding application(s).

In addition to the application, a scanned copy of the candidate’s/candidates’ school identification must be emailed to Morgan Smith ( at least three (3) calendar days prior to the beginning of the championship.

Maximum two (2) school media credentials granted, per school and per championship, to:

One (1) student and one (1) adult faculty advisor
Two (2) students

School media credentials will not be granted to two (2) applying adults from the same school. We allow the possibility of one adult faculty advisor to supervise/assist the students.

All media credentials, school and professional, are non-transferrable; only individuals on the pre-approved list may possess them. Credential privileges will be revoked if it is found that a credential has been given to an unauthorized person.

Photos shall be limited to only the school's team members while in competition and/or presentation of awards. Photos taken during an event may not be sold or used in any capacity outside of the purpose(s) of their school’s student publication(s). The LHSAA has an exclusive photography contract with RomaPics.

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