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The LHSAA will make every effort to provide a phone line for the purpose of filing stories and photos at State Championship Events. For questions regarding phone lines for print media, please contact  the individual facility manager at the event.


The LHSAA prohibits the sale of photographs from LHSAA State Championship Events, and will not credential any photographers whose photos will be used for any purpose other than legitimate media coverage. Photography is only to be used by legitimate news gathering agencies. RomaPics is responsible for distributing and selling photos at State Championship events.


The LHSAA will provide phone lines and arrange for press box space for radio personnel for LHSAA State Championship Events. Press box space may be arranged by contacting LHSAA or the individual facility manager at the event.  You must agree to the terms and conditions presented in the Request Credentials procedure before your station will be allowed to broadcast. 


All footage shot at the LHSAA state championships will be used for highlights/tape delay only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

The NFHS Network and/or Cox Sports Television provide exclusive live streaming and TV broadcast for the sports of: volleyball, football, wrestling, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, softball, track and field, and baseball (2017-18 school year). Sports not included in this list are available to be streamed or televised. Please contact the LHSAA for specific rates and more information.


Requests will be considered on an individual basis.  


The LHSAA does not issue media credentials to college coaches, recruiting services or scouts.


A letter signed by the school's principal on school letterhead must be submitted to the LHSAA at least three calendar days prior to the beginning of the tournament requesting a tournament pass for its yearbook and/or newspaper staff member. The individual(s) must have proper school identification to receive his/her credentials to enter the event.  The media credential shall be limited to the yearbook and/or school newspaper adult sponsor, a student member of the school's yearbook and/or newspaper staff, and/or the official yearbook photographer under contract for all yearbook pictures.  

In addition to the application, a scanned copy of the candidate’s/candidates’ school identification must be emailed to Morgan Smith ( at least three (3) calendar days prior to the beginning of the championship.

Maximum two (2) school media credentials granted, per school and per championship, to:

One (1) student and one (1) adult faculty advisor
Two (2) students

School media credentials will not be granted to two (2) applying adults from the same school. We allow the possibility of one adult faculty advisor to supervise/assist the students.

The media credential may not be used by parents or friends nor is the credentialed person allowed to take pictures for parents and/or friends with the parents’ and/or friend's camera. The purpose of the “School Yearbook/Newspaper” credential is to permit a complimentary entrance into the event for which the person is gathering information.

Photos shall be limited to only the school's team members while in competition and/or presentation of awards. Photos taken during an event may not be sold or used in any capacity outside of the purpose(s) of their school’s yearbook and/or newspaper. The LHSAA has an exclusive photography contract with RomaPics.

School Media credential candidates must complete the same electronic credential application as the professional media, found on the LHSAA website under “Affiliations” > “Media Resources.” Please see the deadlines for each sport on the corresponding application(s).

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