Hall of Fame

Many individuals have made, and continue to make outstanding contributions to the high schools of Louisiana through their extraordinary efforts as athletes, administrators, coaches, officials, or supporters.  Because their extra efforts, dedication, and desire have enabled them to excel in achievement or performance, this excellence stands out as shining examples for other to emulate.  Each year the Louisiana High School Sports Hall of Fame accepts nominations of deserving coaches, administrators, athletes, officials and athletic contributors for possible selection and induction.  Only member school principals, athletic directors, coaches, Hall of Fame Committee members, and previously inducted Hall of Fame members may nominate individuals.  Here are some guidelines to follow to have someone nominated and considered for the High School Sports Hall of Fame.

The Nomination and Selection Process

  1. Complete a Hall of Fame Nomination Application following the instructions given in the packet.  The nomination packet can be downloaded from this site.  Please remember that nominations are based only on high school achievements.
  2. Return the completed application including the requested documents, i.e., pictures, letters of recommendation, newspaper articles or clippings, to the LHSAA office by September 1.
  3. Nominees not selected after five years are purged and a new nomination must be filed.
  4. Each October, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee meets, reviews eligible candidates, and selects the inductees for the year.
  5. Inductees are notified of their selection and a press release is issued announcing the year's inductees.
  6. Inductees are recognized at an annual Hall of Fame Banquet which is held in April each year in Baton Rouge.

Hall of Fame Categories


A person who has experienced outstanding achievement as a competitor in a sport while enrolled in an LHSAA member school.  A competitor is eligible for membership a minimum of five years after competition ends.


A person who has experienced outstanding achievement as a coach, while engaged in coaching at an LHSAA member school.  A coach is eligible for membership after a minimum of 15 years of coaching or a combination of coaching and administration at the high school level and is no longer serving as an active coach or an active coach with at least thirty (30) years of coaching experience.


A person whose administrative experiences have resulted in outstanding achievements, accomplishments or contributions in ways relating to athletic or sports excellence while serving as an administrator of an LHSAA member school.  This excellence shall have extended itself to other LHSAA members schools.  An administrator is eligible for membership after a minimum of 15 years as a high school administrator or a combination of administration and coaching at the high school level and is no longer serving in the capacity in which he/she is being nominated or an active administrator with at least thirty (30) years of administrative/coaching experience.


Any person whose activities as a game official, school supporter, or one whose combined activities have resulted in a service qualified as outstanding or excellent.  This service must be provided to an LHSAA member school.  Such person is eligible for membership after a minimum of 20 years of service.

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