GOW Most Outstanding Player

 New Orleans Saints

Most Outstanding Player Award

The New Orleans Saints and the LHSAA are excited to bring to you the New Orleans Saints Most Outstanding Player Award!

Each week following the LHSAA-New Orleans Saints Game of the Week, four players will be nominated to become the New Orleans Saints Most Outstanding Player. Vote for your favorite player, by visiting the LHSAA Facebook page. This is where you can choose your favorite player on the LHSAA Facebook poll, which is posted immediately after every Game of the Week. The polls close every Monday at 9:00 AM, so be sure to log on over the weekend and cast your vote!

The Outstanding Players are highlighted on the LHSAA website, Facebook page and receive an autographed football at the end of the season.

The 2015 New Orleans Saints Most Outstanding Players
Week 1: #2 Israel Tucker, Rummel
Week 2: #1 Herb McGee, Riverside
Week 3: #4 Tray Allen, C. E. Byrd
Week 4: #27 Noah Harris, Teulings Catholic
Week 5: #6 Devin Brumfield, Covington
Week 6: #20 Colby Rodriguez, St. Louis Catholic
Week 7: #4 Wayne Toussant, Plaquemine
Week 8: #40 Devin White, North Webster
Week 9: #7 Khamod Naylor, Rayville
Week 10: #7 Jordan Cordova & #8 Jared Ryder, Kinder
Week 11: #1 Norquell Flowers & #7 Anthony Williams, Hahnville
Week 12: #10 Jeb Kraft, Ponchtoula
Week 13: #14 Ian Brian, Catholic (BR)
Week 14: #22 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Catholic (BR)