The 2017 LHSAA All Academic Football Composite Team has been selected.  In order to be selected to the Academic All-State team, the student had to be a senior, played the sport for two years, and achieved a six-semester cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 or better based on a 4.0 scale. The LHSAA would like to congratulate those players selected. 

View the 2017-18 All Academic Composite Team for football.

View The 2017-18 All Academic Class/Division teams for football. This list will not be available till after the State Event.

The un -weighted 4.00 students' will be honored  per Division/Class. The student that is on the  composite list  will b e honored at half time of their division/class.


Thursday, December 7th - Class 1A- (noon) - Class 2A (noon) - Division I (noon)

Friday, December 8th - Division IV (3:30 PM) - Division II (3:30 PM) - Class 4A (3:30 PM)

Saturday, December 9th -Division III (7:00 PM) - Class 3A (7:00 PM) - Class 5A (7:00 PM)

All Academic Composite Team for Football Recipient Instructions

  1. The Composite All-Academic recipient and up to two guests will be allowed entrance into the Superdome at gate D.
  2. The recipient and his guest(s) will report to section 150 and sit in the section reserved for the All-Academic recipients.
  3. The recipient should remain in section 150 until an LHSAA representative arrives to escort you onto the field for the presentation.
  4. The awards will be presented and pictures taken during the halftime of your Division/Class State Championship game.   
  5. Once the ceremony is completed, you will be escorted back to section 150 where you and your guest(s) may stay and enjoy the rest of the game(s).
  6. Thank you for your attendance and congratulations on achieving this prestigious honor.


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