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YOU Make A Difference, YOU are the Spirit of Louisiana

Posted: 08-30-2011 | Categories: Cheerleading, LHSADA, LHSCA, Officials, Administrators, Parents & Students

YOU Make A Difference, YOU are the Spirit of Louisiana

Why does anyone care about high school athletics? What is it about competition that gets people so fired up?

The answer to these questions may sound different from person to person, but we believe at the core of high school athletics, is fun and a desire to belong. Athletic events bring families and communities together. Being a part of a team, teaches life lessons in teamwork, time management, leadership and respect.

Sometimes competition takes an ugly turn and people scream profanities at each other, cheat or even physically fight one another. Why does this happen? Does this really help move you or the team forward?

When we lose sight of our values and the real reason for our participation in athletics, negative or harmful experiences tend to follow. We want to help keep the pure spirit in athletics, and continue empowering students and communities in Louisiana to achieve greatness.

There are a number of ways you can bring awareness to your life and your athletic involvement. First, ask yourself why do you participate? Whether you are a student, coach, official, parent or fan, it is important to acknowledge why you care about athletics, and the purpose it serves in your life. Your answer might be as simple as, "because it is FUN", and that is great! Doing what makes us happy is very important, and keeping in touch with that joy is something we hope athletics helps you do.

The LHSAA wants to help you continue the spirit fun in your life, and help you share the lessons you gain through athletics with others. We want to help you succeed, so the LHSAA has developed award programs, which encourage community service and leadership.

The Spirit of Louisiana Award
This is an award recognizing the top all-around cheerleading programs in Louisiana, which exemplify community service, outstanding school athletic support, spirit raising activities, and academics. Some schools already require community service hours, so get the recognition you deserve for all the wonderful things you are already doing! Visit the "Cheerleading" section of the LHSAA website for more details.

The Beyond the Game Sportsmanship Program
This program consists of a public service announcement contest, essay contest, Spirit of Sportsmanship Award and Sportsman of the Month Spotlight. The BTG Sportsmanship Program is designed to recognize those individuals and teams who exemplify the true meaning of high school athletics, and show leadership in their schools and communities. Visit the "Sportsmanship" section of the LHSAA website for more details.

Remember, YOU make a difference, and YOU have the power to lift the spirit of Louisiana!

Athletics provide values that last a lifetime, and participating in these programs is one way to share everything you have learned to value.

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