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The Importance of Stretching

Posted: 11-01-2011 | Categories: Coaches, Parents & Students

The Importance of Stretching

There’s a chill in the air here in Louisiana (well in some parts at least) and the holiday season is just around the corner.  For some athletes, their season is coming to an end and for others the fun is just beginning.  However, did you know with the cooler weather, it’s more important than ever to make sure you get in a good stretch before starting your workouts or heading into battle against your opponent?

Doing stretches before and after physical activity is very important for your body.  Stretching before starting your workouts releases a lubricant from your cartilage that helps the motion of muscles.  It also prevents bones from scraping against one another in the joints.  Stretching helps prevent injuries during exercise because the more flexible you are, the better you perform in workouts requiring balance, lifting, and bending.
After you’re finished hitting up the gym, you should stretch again.  When you finish working out, your muscles and joints are warm and tight, but they can quickly stiffen if you don’t stretch them out.  Stretching will relieve your tight muscles and joints. 

The cooler weather can make our muscles and joints tight and stiff so it’s even more important during this time of year to get a good stretch in before and after your workouts.  And one more thing…make sure you bundle up!  You can’t get a good stretch if you’re chilled to the bone!  Add a few more layers and shed them as you work up a sweat!

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