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Super Bowl…It’s not just about Football

Posted: 02-06-2012 | Categories: Parents & Students

Every Monday, someone asks you “So, what’d you do this weekend?”  I’m sure someone has already asked you this famous start of the week question, but this Monday is different.  Who didn’t watch the Super Bowl yesterday?  It’s tradition!

It’s the time when we throw on our favorite team’s jersey, whether they are playing or not and scream and yell at a television set.  We stuff our faces with Mom’s famous Bowl Bean Dip and Dad’s famous grilled burgers.

But as any true red-blooded football fan knows, this past weekend was not just about football!  Of course we enjoyed watching the Giants and Patriots run around, tackling each other, and chasing after a small leather ball.  We also enjoyed Madonna’s over the top half time show, but what we really wanted to see were the SUPER BOWL ADS!

Every year, million dollar companies spend big bucks to advertise their products or services.  In our modern tech savvy world, we’re used to seeing ads, but Super Bowl Ads are in a league of their own.  They’re the Picassos of advertising,
Do you remember the Betty White Snicker’s commercial from 2010?  No?  Check it out here
Or what about the 2011 Doritos commercial?  Can’t remember what it was?  Check it out here
Then of course, who can forget the Doritos commercial with the dog that runs through the glass door? Check it out here
This year’s M&M commercial was also pretty cool.  Missed it?  Here it is!

I could go on all day!  What are your favorite past Super Bowl Ads and who do you think had the best ad this year?

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