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St. Patrick’s Day

Posted: 03-14-2012 | Categories: Parents & Students

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Sure, we’re a few days early, but don’t forget to wear green this weekend or you’ll end up getting pinched!  These days, St. Patrick’s Day should be easy to remember considering “Going Green” is the new thing to do. 

On this Irish holiday, why don’t you try your luck at a few Gaelic games?  These games are Irish sports under the Gaelic Athletic Association in…you guessed it…Ireland.  The two most popular sports are Gaelic football and hurling, but there are other games including handball, rounders, and road bowling.

Gaelic football was first played in 1802 and is often called “caid” or “gah.”  Gather 29 of your closest friends and find a large rectangular patch of grass.  Designate two team captains and separate yourselves into two teams of 15 players.  Set up H-shaped goal at the end of the large patch of grass and grab a ball about the size of a soccer ball.  By kicking and throwing the ball to your teammates, the team who is able to throw or kick the ball into the goal the most wins the game.  Gaelic football is a mix of soccer, kickball, volleyball, and football.  According to the Gaelic Athletic Association, nearly 800,000 of its members participate in Gaelic football.  This weekend, why don’t you give it a try?

If Gaelic football isn’t really your style, try Hurling.  According to the Gaelic Athletic Association, Hurling has been played for at least 3,000 years!  When the ladies are playing, the game is called Camogie.  The game is played on the same type of large rectangular field with end goals as Gaelic football.  Each team is comprised of 15 players or “hurlers” who hold and swing wooden sticks to hit the game ball into the goals.  Unlike Gaelic football, the ball for Hurling is a much smaller, white ball that players swing at in order to get it down the field and into their home goal.  The winner with the most goals at the end of the allotted time wins the game!

These are just a few Irish games you can play this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Whatever your plans are this weekend, remember to stay active and wear green!

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