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Serving up Holiday Spirit

Posted: 12-22-2011 | Categories: Administrators, Coaches, Parents & Students

‘Twas the holiday season and all through the land folks were smiling and hugging and lending a hand. Turkeys were roasted and toasted with care and the trees looked majestic decked out in bright flair. Everyone knows that this time each year, we gather around in our red and green gear.  We give thanks and say grace but as is often the case, we tend to forget those needing a warm embrace.

Who are these people and what do they do and how do they affect both me and you?  They are the hungry, the sick, and those in need.  Give them your time, do a good deed.  All year round the LHSAA agrees, that helping others is the best way indeed.  Remember our soldiers abroad and at home or the little child with no hope who’s been left all alone.  Reach out to your friends and even your enemy. Be kind and be gracious for love is the key.  Putting others first is the LHSAA way and it’s what’s important at the end of the day.

We love high school sports, oh yes, it’s true.  But, there’s something that’s even better the whole year through.   There’s something that we love even more, something that makes us feel good down to our core.  It’s about giving and sharing and loving and caring this is what we love the most.  Give your money, your time, your love to those in need because we love to give rather than to receive.  It’s not about Rudolph, Cupid, or Dancer, but spending time with loved ones – yes, that is the answer!

Feed the hungry and serve the poor, giving back to the community is what we stand for.  Your community cheers for you on the field and the court.  Now, return the favor and show them your support.  Over the break, do community service, get out of your comfort zone – don’t be nervous!  In Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and throughout the whole state, high school athletes are serving their community at a growing rate!  May your holiday break be merry and bright.  Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!

Visit or to learn more about our state’s latest community service initiatives, community service opportunities or ways in which you can become more involved in your area over the holiday break and throughout the year!

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