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From JV to CEO

Posted: 01-23-2012 | Categories: Administrators, Parents & Students

So you know those big shots that play golf all day and have the cool offices with the fantastic views?  You know the guys that make decisions that could change the whole world and the way we socialize, shop, communicate, or even live?  Believe it or not, a lot of them were once in your shoes.  Here are a few fun facts about some of the worlds’ most famous and successful CEOs who were once high school athletes with big dreams.

Samuel J. Palimasono – CEO of IBM: He never missed a single practice when he played high school football.  He played an offensive center and eventually played the same position at John Hopkins.  It’s rumored that he also likes golf…who knew?

Walter E. Robb – CEO of Whole Foods: He was a book worm and soccer jock.  He played for Stanford and was even the captain his senior year.  He played midfield and center back, but now apparently he likes to garden.   Very interesting!

Daniel F. Akerson – CEO of General Motors: Danny wanted to play shortstop on his school’s baseball team, but he just didn’t have skills so he picked up boxing.  He was maintained his middleweight class around 167 to 175 pounds.

John J. Donahoe – CEO of eBay: Standing a whopping 6’5”, John was a basketball star at Dartmouth.  Today, instead of shooting hoops, he likes to go to his weekly Pilates classes.  You can catch up with him at the company’s headquarters working on his fitness!

Edward B. Rust, Jr. – CEO of State Farm Insurance: Eddie was a wrestling pro in high school.  He ruled the mat and continued his reign in college!  He was also known to play a little football when he wasn’t dominating the wrestling mat.

Keep working hard in the classroom and in your extracurricular activities.  We’ll be blogging about this again in about 20 years.  We expect your name to be on the list!

P.S. ..It’s not like we knew these fancy facts off the tops of our heads!   Visit for more fun facts about CEOs and sports!

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