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Forfeit or Fight

Posted: 02-16-2012 | Categories: Administrators, Parents & Students

We’ve all heard the saying winners never quit and quitters never win, but is that always true?  Have you ever had to forfeit a game?  If not, would you ever forfeit a game?  One high school team down in Georgia recently had to face that question and might have changed our minds on the whole saying quitters never win.

A Georgia high school boys’ basketball team decided to forfeit its playoff game against a rival to avoid a fight.  Back in October, Warren County High played a football game against Hancock Central High that ended in a serious fight leaving one coach needing major surgery after he was beat with a football helmet.  At the end of the season, the two rivals went their separate ways, but were scheduled to meet up again to play in a basketball playoff game.  Instead of risking their well being and the safety of their fans, the Warren County High boys’ basketball team decided to forfeit the game and kill their chances to play for a state championship. 

The story has become such a hot topic, major broadcast stations like CNN and ESPN have picked up the story and cast light on the situation.  It leaves us wondering, did the Warren County High basketball team make the right decision?  Should they still be able to play for the state title despite forfeiting?  What are your thoughts?

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