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Expand Yourself - Learn Something New

Posted: 09-13-2011 | Categories: LHSCA, Administrators, Parents & Students

Expand Yourself - Learn Something New

So you remember this past summer when a little thing called The World Cup captivated the nation?  Well apparently we just can’t get enough of the U.S. women’s soccer team.

The beloved goalkeeper (she wears the number 1…how befitting right?) has joined the newest group of celebrities on the hit show “Dancing with the Stars.”  Instead of kicking around soccer balls, Hope will be waltzing and twirling on the dance floor as she competes for the coveted trophy.

What does this have to do with high school sports in Louisiana you ask?  Well here’s the point – don’t be afraid to try something new!  You’ve proven that you’re a skilled athlete, but how about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new activity.  Have you ever tried to learn how to twirl like a ballerina or maybe paint like a brilliant artist? 

Here are a few activities that you could try to spice up your life and get out of your comfort zone.  After all, being a well rounded person never hurt!

1. Learn a new language
2. Take a hip-hop dancing class
3. Learn how to cook a foreign dish
4. Try out for a school play or musical
5. Learn how to play a new sport
6. Take piano lessons
7. Learn how to knit
8. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
9. Take a painting class
10. Learn to play the guitar

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