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Cupid for MVP

Posted: 02-14-2012 | Categories: Parents & Students

Has Cupid shot you with his love arrow?  Maybe yes.  Maybe no, but no matter what you’re doing to celebrate this day of love, did you know it couldn’t happen without sports? Very few people realize that Cupid has to be one incredible jock to shoot so many arrows!  What’s his sport you ask?  Archery!

Archery, which comes from the Latin word arcus, is the practice of shooting arrows from a bow.  Usually when we think of archery we think of Native Americans, but the oldest bows scientists have found to date were actually found in Denmark.  People or athletes who participate in archery are called archers or bowmen, but someone (like Cupid) who’s very good at archery is often called a toxophilite. 

Many many many years ago, archery was used as a form of protection.  Because they didn’t have guns or exploding bombs like our military has today, ancient soldiers used their bows and arrows to protect themselves and their people.  In various parts of the world today, people still use archery as a form of protection, but mostly people participate in archery for fun.  They compete against each other to see who can hit a particular target the most times. 

So, the next time someone asks you, “Will you be my Valentine?” depending on your feelings you can say, “Yes!” or “No, unfortunately Cupid, the toxophilite, missed me when he was aiming his bow and arrow in my direction.”  You’ll probably get a strange look, but at least you’ve educated them on a little archery lingo.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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